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Walkera 5#6 helicopter manual

walkera 5#6 helicopter manual

For CP Helicopters, unplug main motor first.
You move helicopter side to side by hand, will the tail rotor change speed to compensate your movement?If yes, that's good.Walkera created Transmitter like the WK2801, devo 6S, 7, walkera 8S, 10, 12, and they also made recievers for them, such as RX2801, devo RX701, RX801, RX1002, RX1202, they have different receiving channels.If you move throttle stick to 50 position and pitch angle does not have 5 degrees, this is your problem.For walkera helis, you will need a special sequence to bind them.For walkera each helicopter 5 you set a checkpoint, you put helicopter on walkera clear smooth ground with no dragging on the helicopter landing skids, helicopter with tail pointing to yourself, then you add throttle slowly to see if heli will hold heading, if you see it start.Go to Pitch Curve page on the transmitter and adjust the values until you have the angles we mentioned above.If no, helicopter re-position the servo horn so that it moves in equal angle on both sides.Apply some gentle force on the main rotor with one hand and keep on spinning the tail rotor with the other hand, observe the tail drive shaft cone gears, anything slipping?If you see no movement, you observe rudder servo, is it moving?By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies.If heli wobbles in mid air, either it has something bent in the rotor head or tail rotor set, or Main manual Rotor is too slow speed.To solve the problem, you need to understand that RC helicopter should hover helicopter stably with 50 throttle stick, so you need to check Pitch angle first, by unplugging motor wire and put on Pitch Gauge on the main blade and take a look at the.Either decrease pitch angle with pitch curve, or increase motor output with throttle curve. They put a reciever on those helicopters, but sorry, they are not the standard 7-Ch or 8-Ch recievers like the RX701 or RX801, every helicopter receivers are custom made, you can not remove them from the heli, yo can not use them on other.
Or use a voltage meter to check battery voltage.
Unplug Motor cable on the helicopter first, then trial you move transmitter sticks, all servos are moving correctly?
For example, Walkera devo 10 transmitter best friend is RX1002 reciever.For normal flying, pitch angle should be urban : -2 degree urban at 0 throttle rider stick 5 degree at 50 throttle stick 9 degree at 100 throttle stick.Observe from behind the helicopter, the pitch pusher should be sitting in the middle of the tail rotor shaft, if not, adjust rudder servo urban position back and forth, or adjust rudder servo push rod to make this pitch pusher sits right in the middle.Turn on helicopter, you move rudder stick left and right, look at the rudder servo horn, it has equal angle on both sides?Can bomb Walkera Transmitter be used on other RC models?Then you connect motor cable again, hold heli in hand and keep clear, then you move throttle stick up and down slowly, will motor respond correctly?Pitch Control Tail Rotor (Helicopter with Rudder Servo).For.7V 1S battery, it should be around.1-4.2V after charge, for.4V 2S battery, it should be 8-8.1V and.1V 3S battery, it should be around 12V after charge.Turn on transmitter, then make sure Throttle Stick is all the way down, squad rudder trimming is neutral, Flight Mode idle switch (top right corner) is off (pointing backward) and all switches on the transmitter up pointing upward, then turn it off.Walkera helicopter uses a unique.4Ghz protocol, so you can not bind it with other transmitter such as Spektrum.We will need to try to replicate the problem first to see what thing went wrong.By using a Radio Set (e.g.