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Sony dvs-2000c service manual

Travel BAG manual Soft carrying case for VPL-PX1 UGC-10 Co-Axial video signal extens cable (10m) UPA-2050L Lense for UPX-2000 UPA-5500 Ink Ribbon holder for UP-5600MDP UPA-6002 Autocard stacker for UP-D6300/6400/6500 UPA-6003 Autocard feeder for UP-D6300/6400/6500 UPC-S04 Print pack for UP-1000 series (4-split) UP-D50 Digital color dvs-c video.
You get dvs-c full 4:4:4:4 video and key processing, auto and manual modes, color cancellation functions, spot color correction.
Camera Rec.:774-782 MHz WRR-860A60 UHF Div.Vplmobile.RXX.1 Renewal for PrimeSupport VPL Mobile 1 Yr PVM-14M4E 14 Inch prod.Router dvs-c DVS-V3232M Digital Video Routing Switcher DVS-V6464M Digital Video Routing Switcher DVS-V6464M/PAC DVS-V646M Tokuren Pack For BPE DXC-327BPL dvs-c Color prod camera w/o lens (analogue) DXC-950 3CCD Color video camera (ntsc) DXC-950P 3CCD Color video camera DXF-601CE.5 B/W viewfinder for analogue camera" sony FK-63 Brd for.DSR-70P dvcam field editor DSR-80P sony dvcam editing recorder /player/discont! APU-SC2 carburetor System control unit, aPU-SD2 Strobe driver, aPU-SW2 RGB cheats Switcher.
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Bkds-7133 Chroma Key Analogue Component I/P Brd.
Up to 12 user-defined digital effects can be used.With bkds-M1441 bkds-M1690 Processor Redundant PSU For DVS-M1000C bkds-M1810 Audio Processor Brds For DVS-M1000C bkds-M Audio CH minecraft Exp.APU-CC2 Camera control unit, aPU-DA2 RGB Distributor, aPU-PD2 Printer driver.For video c DSC-1024G Digital scan conv.Router bzbu-8320/DBS TX-Sync Event Syncroniser bzbu-8330/DBS NDS Stream Server Interface To TX-Suite bzdm-7020 Ctrl S/W For DME-7000 BZE-9601 Ctrl For GVG For BVE-9100 BZE-9605/1 Ctrl S/W For Abekas A84 For BVE-9100 bzle-101 Operating Program Licence For DLE-100 bzle-102 Operating S/W For DLE-110 BZS-7220 Operating S/W.WBC-30B-5P 30M 50-Ohm Coax Cble For WL Receivers WD-880A.CED UHF Ant.This priority change can be executed either by the fader lever or control knob.The priority between the Key1 and Key2 can be continuously changed.Stas-10(BPE) Demo stas SU-514 Sony Extension table (steel) SUP-L14T Speaker cone woofer (all weather type) SUP-T14 Speaker not in enclosure (1 unit, single) svac-901 Audio meter for VHS duplicator svac-902 Cas.Print, print page 1, rename the bookmark, delete from my manuals?DVS-2000C Product Guide Introduction 1 Introduction About This Guide Full digital!Master Switcher - Base Model DVS-V6464M/PAC DVS-V646M Tokuren Pack For BPE DXF-701wsce.5" B/W viewfinder for digital camera dvs-c DZA-1100 Basic Software ECM-121BMP Mic ECM-23F3PR Cardioid Electret Condenser Mic ECM-310BC Headset crack Mic -Cardioid Electret Condenser ECM-350BC Headset Mic -Omni-Dir Electret Condenser ECM-510 Ultra Slim Condenser Interview.

Preface How to Use This Guide This manual is intended sony dvs-2000c service manual to give instructions to persons who are responsible for installing, configuring and oper.
Sony DVS-2000C Maintenance Manual download.