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Project time management ppt pdf

project time management ppt pdf

Activity on Arrow management (AOA) The length of the arrow has no significance neither management has its orientation.
17 If there is a loop, it indicates a fault logic.
If not, the answer is No!Tart AON Network- Stage.136 Inputs Outputs Tools Techniques.1.1 Activity List.1.2 Activity Attributes.1.3 Milestone List.1.4 Project Scope Statement.1.5 Organizational Process Assets.2.1 Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM).2.2 project Dependency Determination.2.3 Applying Leads Lags.2.4 time Schedule project Network Templates.3.1 Project Schedule network Diagrams.3.2 Project Documentation Updates.2.1 Sequence Activities Inputs.1 Activity List See.2 Activity Attributes See.May result in rework and increased risk Works only if activities can be time overlapped to shorten duration.8 Scheduling Tool Expedite the process project by generating project start and finish dates based on the inputs of activities, network diagrams, resources and activity durations. Assumptions made in estimating duration estimates include skill levels and availability.5 Develop Schedule Outputs Inputs Definition: The process of analyzing activity sequences, durations, resource requirements, and schedule constraints to punisher create the project schedule.
Industrial or professional tables often available for trades to estimate projects Can be applied to a manager total project or segments of a project.4.2 Estimate Activity Durations Tools and Techniques.4 Three-Point Estimating Improves duration estimates by considering estimation uncertainty and risk Originated with pert (Project Evaluation.
Critical paths have zero or negative float and activities on the critical path are called critical activities.
AON using earliest possible start of the activities.
Produces higher plains levels of accuracy depending on the sophistication and underlying data built into the models.
Task A Task B Finish Bake the turkey Reproduce disks Select user design Bake the yams Generate documentation Allocate funding 19 20 Four Relationships Between Tasks: FS, FF, SS, SF Start-to-Start (SS The initiation canon of the work successor activity depends upon the initiation of the predecessor.
Knowledge Area Project Management Process Groups Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring Controlling Closing Project Time Management.1 Define Activities.2 Sequence Activities.3 Estimate Activity Resources.4 Estimate Activity Duration.5 Develop Schedule.6 Control Schedule Across Project Management Process Groups 5 5 6, source: PMBoK.
To learn more, view our.Monitoring and reporting methods to be used.6.2 Control Schedule Tools and Techniques.1 Performance Reviews Measure, compare, and analyze schedule performance such as actual start and finish dates, percent complete and remaining duration Earned Value Management utilizes schedule variance (SV: ) and schedule performance (SPI: ).Contingency must be clearly identified in schedule documentation.4.3 Estimate Activity Durations Outputs.1 Activity Duration Estimates Quantitative assessments of the likely number of work periods required to complete an activity.Some network paths have converging and/or diverging paths that can be identified and used in schedule compression or other analyses.5.2 Develop Schedule Tools and Techniques.2 Critical game Path internet Analysis Note: See exercise following section (p.Ghant Chart with Floats.

AON emphasizes activities and does not involve dummy activities On the internet you can see many videos, this project time management ppt pdf is one of these: m/watch?
Critical Path Longest time through the network diagram, the shortest time the project is expected to take Slack (or Float) The amount of time a task can be delayed without impacting the project Calculated using: Late Start Early Start (LS-ES) Or Late Finish Early Finish.