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Honda automatic to manual conversion

Re- install your steering column, and driver side interior.
Honda Civic / Del Sol (1992.
Designed Designed to honda fit 92-00 Honda automatic Civic and 94-01 Acura Integra.Integra automatic to manual transmission conversion.s:s i want to buy a automatic hond del sol/crx honda but cant find an auto so am thinking of buying a cheap manual and getting it converted professionally.Auto to Manual Conversion Passenger Mount for Honda Accord.Is there an easy/right way of doing this?Idiot checks: Once you "think" automatic you are done, take a few minutes to look over your work and double check things.One problem I'm finding is where the conversion auto shifter come out of is not the right for what's needed for the shift linkage and stabilizer to bolt.Pedal assembly and clutch honda cable: This is where your patience will most likely be tested during this project.Looks like a slim piece of metal with a stud at the end, looks way different from all others so you wont get confused) and you will need the rear mount and bracket(closest to the motor) oddly, my trans went in using the auto mount.Break out your long punch and slide it through the hole at the top of the clutch pedal lever.Ok good, Now keep in mind with the wiring the way it is, the car will start without the clutch pedal being depressed, please remember this!B series flywheel (to my knowledge any b series flywheel will work)B series starter motor (make sure its from a manual transmission)Clutch (if you got a S1,J1, or Y1 then you need a clutch for.I knew previously about the civic one not working from research. And Acura Model-Specific Technical Forums Acura Integra.
When you best have these removed put the diltiazem manual pedal assembly in place and nher tighten one nut to keep it from falling out of manual position.
Hereright, so you have a huge pile of parts, the sun is out and your ready to begin.
When you have the pedal assembly secured, install the end of the clutch cable final to the top of the clutch pedal lever.
ECU - (in.
There is a seller who sells these on there, not sure of brand name, but its the same thing.
I believe he is "hereiswhatyouneed" or something like that, look it up, you'll figure it out you will need the lower front mounting bracket (looks similar to the one on the auto, but it's not.
Its a 93 delsol that had an auto d15 and I'm putting in a d16 Thanks for the tip on taking the piece out of a manual.Throw out bearing (most clutch "kits" include a new throw out bearing, pilot and tool)pilot bearing ( " " )clutch alignment tool ( " " )Shift linkage - (9.I am NOT going to go into the details of removing or installing the transmissions as these tasks are covered in the helm manual you bought when you purchased your.I also found it necessary to drop the steering column, manual so that it was laying on the driver floor, follow these directions: Once you have the column some what out of the way, remove the automatic pedal assembly and the small ecu like box.Civic automatic to manual transmission conversion.Forums Model Specific Civic and del Sol - EG best and.Honda Civic Del Sol Si, Manual Transmission Conversion, D16Z6, Mounts!